Wrist Pain & Elbow Pain

Wrist and Elbow pain are common issues that can affect anyone no matter how active or inactive you are, how physical or sedentary your job is. Both, however, are often as a result of repetitive strains or injuries.

Common causes of Wrist pain are ligament sprains, tendinitis, tendon sheath inflammation (De Quervain’s contracture), repetitive strain on the joints, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritic changes to the joints.

Common Elbow pain causes are tendinitis such as medial or lateral epicondylitis (Golfer’s or Tennis elbow), bursitis, ligament sprains, repetitive strain injuries, nerve impingement and arthritic changes.

Osteopaths are experts at diagnosing and treating the majority of these causes of wrist and/or elbow pain.

Treatment often involves soft tissue massage type work, articulation or adjustment of the joints and/or advice on how to rectify and prevent the issue from returning.

Elbow Pain

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